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Customer Testimonials


‘Trustworthy, calculable strategical partner. They are flexible to the maximum and solution centred. If you’re correct, you can also rely on them.’


‘We’ve been in partnership with the team of IM Bookkeeping for more than 10 years with big satisfaction and trust. In this time, they have been a great help in lots of things and have solved many things other than the monthly bookkeep. I could turn to them with a personal or professional questions anytime. I hope we can work with you for a long time as I am fully satisfied.’

UK Mojito Lemon:

‘IM Bookkeeping is so far the friendliest, the most professional, and the fastest solution to our every problem. We couldn’t believe that they had solution for everything’

Roland Wines Ltd:

‘IM Bookkeeping: professional service with a well-educated, helpful team. Can only recommend it to everyone.’

Lifet!Lt UK Ltd:

‘Incredible resource for our business. Their attention to detail and outstanding customer service make them worth every penny of the reasonable priced service. I get email responses to my questions so quickly. They have made our lives so much easier by taking care of the minutia of keeping our books. You cannot go wrong with IM Bookkeeping!’

Berger & CO:

‘If it wasn’t for IM Bookkeeping, I would’ve struggled in the English system. Luckily, I found them and had no problems with them. I only need to focus on my company and family, for everything else there is IM Bookkeeping.’

Gold Millionaire Ltd:

"‘The most challenging thing in the business life is finding trustworthy, correct and precise partners. I have found all of those things in IM Bookkeeping.’

Beautyrobic Ltd:

‘Very flexible and professional company. I can only recommend them.’

Algamish Consulting

"Az üzleti életben az egyik legnagyobb kihívás megbízható, korrekt és precíz partnereket találni, az I M Bookkeeping könyvelőiroda személyében én megtaláltam.”

Beautyrobic Ltd:

"Nagyon rugalmas és hozzáértő cég.
Csak ajánlani tudom :-) "